Posted: September 1st, 2021

Financial report | Accounting homework help

You have been asked to produce a report for the directors of Woodcote Range Co. to include the following:

1. A calculation of:

a) the net present value of project Growth using a nominal (money terms) approach; and

b) the payback period for project Growth.

A detailed analysis showing how the NPV and payback period have been calculated should be included as an appendix to the report, together with any assumptions and related calculations.

2. Advice to the directors of Woodcote Range Co. on the viability of the proposed investment, and a summary of non-financial factors that the directors should consider before finalising their decision. Your advice should include an evaluation of the benefits and disadvantages of the two appraisal methods used.

3. A discussion and critical evaluation of the theory that Financial Management involves determining an optimum capital structure. You should refer to relevant models and theories to support your work.

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