Posted: September 1st, 2021

Create a block diagram using simulink and run the model for four


Create a block diagram using SIMULINK and run the model for four different values of the dampening coefficient P: P = 0, 4, and 30 N s/m. Use a simulation time of 10 seconds and a maximum step size of 0.01 sec. Submit one block diagram (for the case of P = 4) and three scopes, one for each value of P. Briefly analyze the results


(2) You set up the block diagram for problem 6.7 on your homework and calculated (by hand) the ultimate positions of the masses. Now, simulate the system using Simulink. 

Submit a block diagram for the system. Submit a scope in which the positions of each mass are plotted versus time on the same graph

Estimate the ultimate positions of the two blocks from your graph and compare them to your hand calculation from the homework. 

Run the simulation for 10 sec with a max step size of 0.01 sec. 

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