Posted: August 20th, 2021

You tube video | Management homework help


The video assignment’s due date is on your Schedule available with the Syllabus; you may submit it early.  See the Assignment section of Blackboard to submit the assignments.

In this assignment, you will submit an assessment of  5 YouTube videos. (Click on ” YouTube Video Assignment Information” for a list of highlighted assigned  YouTube videos).

Answer the following questions per each YouTube video:

1) What project management concepts does the video illustrate? Be clear and support your statements with an article from a project management-related journal. Do NOT use Wikipedia! You should access the UHD library databases (ABI Informs, Business Source Complete, and/or Google Scholar); do not just Google for a URL. This must be scholarly peer-reviewed in content.

2) What does your textbook state regarding this concept? Be specific! Cite the textbook correctly.

3) How good do you think this video is in relationship to PM concepts and theory? 

Include a References page and use APA for citations. (See APA guidelines at this website and/or the library.)

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