Posted: August 20th, 2021

Project iii: marketing & advertising analysis | math 810 | Franklin University


1. . Describe the relationship between advertising and revenue for Dilomatox.  Would you characterize these relationships as strong or weak?

Support your response with relevant graphs and statistics.


1. Analyze the multivariate relationship between Dilomatox’s revenue and the other variables provided (Dilomatox’s marketing spend, Zoraffil’s revenue, and Zorafill’s marketing spend). Is there a significant relationship between Dilomatox’s sales and any (or all) of these variables?

Support your response with relevant charts or statistics. 

2. What percent of the variation in revenue does advertising and marketing spend explain for both brands? Explain. 

3. Based on your analysis, if both brands ceased all advertising and marketing spend, how much revenue would be lost? Explain. 

4. What impact will the CFO’s proposed $11 million dollar cut to your budget have on Dilomatox revenue next year?

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