Posted: August 20th, 2021

Exercises | Anatomy homework help

Envision a hypothetical event in which an individual comes to you to discuss exercises that require the elbow flexors and extensors (e.g., curls or pushdowns, etc.). They are trying to learn different exercises which will allow the different attachment points of the triceps and biceps to be exercised differently. Based upon your knowledge of origin, insertion, and action of the elbow muscles, discuss how you could position the upper extremity (i.e., elbow and shoulder joint) in different ways, which would allow you to teach an individual how to target different attachment points of the elbow flexors.

A) Be sure to include a detailed description of the exercises being performed (i.e., “the how to”).

B) Be sure to explain how and why the position of the elbow and shoulder would target different attachment points of the muscle being focused on.

DUE Wednesday 10/31/18 8pm

APA format

1 source 

300-400 words 

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