Posted: August 19th, 2021

Weel;y check in 11 | Criminal homework help

 For this weekly check-in, let’s think  about the role of the executioner in the death penalty debate. Some  believe this is the sort of job that can cause permanent psychological  damage or at the very least, is a struggle in the lives of those who do  it. To read about this view, check out this article from 

Here, you will see that Morris L.  Thigpen, who runs a jail in Alabama, says he has never seen anyone  participate in an execution then say that he would like to do that  again. However, research reveals that executioners both past and present  appear to rarely feel that way about it. Some, such as Sam Jones and  Jimmy Thompson, may cause you to wonder what the line truly is between  murder and execution. You can learn about them here: 

An Executioner Explains What It’s Like to Legally Kill People 

For your original post, choose one of  the executioners you learned about here and tell the class a little  about him. What is your reaction to this particular executioner? Do you  believe that what he is doing is significantly different from murder?  Why or why not? Can you think of any rules that should be in place for  who is allowed to perform executions?
Discuss your views in at least a  paragraph. After doing so, be sure to post your replies to two  classmates explaining whether you agree with their views, if they helped  you think of something in a new way, etc. 

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