Posted: August 19th, 2021

Story analysis | Telecommunications Engineering homework help


Assignment Summary: In this assignment, you are responsible for creating a 5 page plan to raise awareness around the  215 children found in a mass grave at Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Context: Assume that you have been engaged by a local government office to produce a story and material to discuss the recent, horrific discovery. The objective is to educate the community and foster dialogue around these findings – the community must come together.  

Key outcomes: The approach that you take must be clearly articulated – you must have a strategy around the story you will produce. 

Your analysis must cover the rationale behind your approach , theoretical assessment and a clear strategy on roll out. 


Objective Summary of the story

(List the top 5 objectives of your story) 

e.g. 1. Support an action plan to address the realities of the mass grave findings

Report Outline

(List the sections of your report )  

e.g. 1. Detailed section of interviews and analysis from local elders )

Narrative Outline

(List the narratives for each of your campaigns)

e.g. 1. Begin the story with first person recount of the residential school experience

Explain Rationale and Challenges


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