Posted: August 19th, 2021

Healthcare organzation project 5 (8 slides ) plus


Healthcare providers typically work in teams. Effective healthcare managers strive to promote teamwork. Teamwork is critical for customer satisfaction, quality of care, and individual and organizational achievement. Your healthcare manager is having difficulty establishing teamwork between doctors and nurses in the Outpatient Department (OPD). He assigns you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on teamwork.

Prepare an 8-slide presentation that covers the following:

  1. Discuss at least 3 types of teams that operate in the healthcare organization.
  2. Identify and briefly explain at least 6 common characteristics of successful healthcare teams.
  3. Explain possible sources of barriers to teamwork among nurses and doctors in the OPD.
  4. Provide recommendations on strategies to promote teamwork in the OPD.

Deliverable Requirements

  • Minimum of 8 slides
  • At least 3 references
  • APA reference format

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