Posted: August 18th, 2021

Vioxx short case study – apa

 Only 500 words:

So first, review the elements of the case here first on NPR. (Links to an external site.)

Then read: Vioxx Case (Presley) 

Merck (Links to an external site.) is a major pharmaceutical company (Links to an external site.) that depends on patents and innovations.  The patents of Fosamax and Zocor expired in 2006.  Merck had planned Vioxx to be its next Blockbuster drug. 

  1. What might Merck have done when information came out that Vioxx caused Cardiovascular problems?
  2. Was it ethical for Merck to withdraw sponsorship of researchers who took issue with Merck’s marketing of Vioxx? And was it good strategy?
  3. Compare Merck’s actions in influencing reported research results on Vioxx to the strategy of the tobacco companies in the 1950’s as they countered research that established a link between smoking and cancer?

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