Posted: July 25th, 2021

Respond 1 | English homework help

 Courtney Whatley

In the short story “The Flowers”, protagonist Myop, finds herself wondering through the woods independently to seek a nervously journey. Myop was a ten year old girl who wanted her own path to find what was needed for her family, and wanted no help. The narrator mentions in the story that her mother took her several times through the woods before to “gather nuts among the fallen leaves”, “Today she made her own path, bouncing this way and that way” (76). Along her journey, Myop finds herself nervously curious on what she sees during the time. The author mentions that “it seemed gloomy in the little cove in which she found herself. The air was damp, the silence close and deep” (76). This could be a form of imagery because the sights she began to see made her uncomfortable. These sights were “the strangeness of the land that made it not as pleasant as her usual hunts”. “Causing her to circle back to her home, back to the peacefulness of the morning” (76). This imagery in this story prepares the reader for this climax. 

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