Posted: July 25th, 2021

4 pages due by 24 hours

 Great, thank you! Please see below the assignment. It’s 4 pages and 4 references. I will send you two process recordings I’ve completed with client’s but the problem/issue/theme is Substance Abuse. 
My work phase skills is crisis intervention since i’ve done SBIRT’s. You can use the process recording as my reference with a client. 
Thank you so much for helping me. you’ve been reliable in the past and i’m grateful for it. If possible, can I request Lane Fowler for my paper. This person was amazing with writing? also , when can you have this done ? 

1.  Written assignment, part 1 – Due week 4. Please begin this paper by identifying the problem you and your client(s) are working toward managing this semester (e.g. homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness).  Please describe the problem with respect to your client(s), and within the larger (societal) context.  Using real session process (either from your work with a single client, or with multiple clients), please evaluate your work-phase skills, referring to the five foundation level models (case management, crisis intervention, solution focused, task achievement, cognitive restructuring) and associated concepts.  Your evaluation ought to include what you did that is illustrated in the actual session process, what you would have liked to do in retrospect (as you evaluate the session process), and what you plan/hope to do going forward in your direct practice work with your client(s).  Papers ought to be 4-5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font.  Please attach a separate APA-style reference page and use APA style referencing throughout your paper. References must be drawn from required readings to support your self-evaluation and must include outside readings to describe the problem within a societal context.  Papers will be evaluated based on thoroughness, conceptual accuracy, critical thinking, grammar, proper use of APA referencing and overall presentation. 


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