Posted: July 24th, 2021

Final project | economics | university of rockies


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Build a prediction/fitted model to predict total wealth (tw) in US dollars

● Write up a paper, up to 20 pages (not including the code), 11 size font, and 1.5 spacing ○ Introduction ■ Briefly state the objectives of the study ○ Statistical analyses ■ Describe how you apply the tools you have learned from this course to perform the prediction task ■ You should try different methods and compare their prediction performance and interpretability ○ Conclusions ■ Summarize what you have discovered from this project ■ (Optional) Discuss caveats to the conclusions drawn from your analyses ● Bonus points o We kept 20% of the sample on which we are going to run your proposed model and method. We will rank the students by accuracy of the prediction on that 20% of the sample.

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