Posted: July 22nd, 2021

Week 9 discussion larsen | English homework help


Week 9 Discussion – Larsen

Discussion 9. Questions/Commentary: You may comment on one or both discussions.

A) Critic Thadious M. Davis writes that “…Larsen represents passing as a practical, emancipatory option, a means by which people of African descent could permeate what W.E.B. DuBois termed ‘the veil of color caste.’” Comment on how this idea of “freedom” is exemplified in the novel.

B) In the first two chapters of Part II (“Re-encounter”) of Nella Larsen’s Passing, we meet Brian, Irene’s husband, and her sons. Comment on the status of Irene’s marriage to Brian.

DRAW SPECIFICALLY FROM THE TEXTS. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. DO NOT REFERENCE OUTSIDE SOURCES (Google, Wikipedia, student guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.). 

Please be sure to post at least 200 words in your response. 

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