Posted: July 22nd, 2021

Systematic literature review (5-6 empirical studies) based on poverty | Social work | Fort Hays State University

  summarize information in articles associated with research question, which includes if “poverty” is a “predictor of child abuse.” The attached paper that I have wrote does not present selected articles for the literature review. I will attach articles on how to write a systematic literature review.  You need to find 5-6 articles to summarize the information and answer your research question, if “poverty” is a “predictor of child abuse.” The paper that I have written, does not include selected articles for the literature review.  One article, that I have attached “Undertaking a Literature Review,” can help you understand what systematic literature review is all about. I want a systematic literature review, I do not want a general descriptive paper on a topic. You have to find articles on factors of poverty (as predictors) associated with child abuse. You have to narrow down the number of articles to 5-6 following your inclusion criteria to keep it manageable. The nature and scope of the problems will remain almost the same, but it should look like a coherent paper. What I have written so far can be used in the first half of the paper, but you have to present the literature review, which is the main part of the paper. PLEASE SEE ALL ATTACHMENTS!   

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