Posted: July 22nd, 2021

Health and wellness project part 3 | EDUC 215 – Wellness in the Early Childhood Setting (D) | Liberty University

Practical Classroom Application and Introductory Paper assignment.

For the practical classroom application, you must select one of the three project formats in which to complete the Practical Classroom Application portion. 

In addition to your Practical Classroom Application, you must submit an Introductory Paper. 

Address the following items in your Introductory Paper:

· the age group;

· the target topic; and

· an explanation of each of the activities in the activity plan or points addressed in the presentation or newsletter, as well as the application, reference, and citation of the NAEYC Standards.

***VERY IMPORTANT. Review the grading rubric to be sure that you have included all the components of your chosen method. 

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