Posted: July 22nd, 2021

1. provide an example of a manual handling risk which you may


1.   Provide an example of a manual handling risk which you may encounter while working with the client in her home. Identify the risk, use the risk matrix to assess the risk, and provide an example of how you can control the risk.

2.   Identify 3 goals, activities, or skills you would like to help your client to develop which will help them to participate more meaningfully in their environment and acquire daily living skills. For each one identify

a.   A suitable assistive device

b.   Equipment and materials you will need to gather

c.    Safety considerations for the client (including those related to the equipment) and how you will meet these

d.   How you will explain use to the client

e.   Storage and cleaning requirements for the device

f.     How you will evaluate effectiveness and success.

3.   After a few sessions you notice that the client is now using one of the above assistive devices incorrectly. What methods can you use to correct their use? Choose a device and give an explanation of how you can use verbal feedback and physical guidance in this situation.

4.   You have identified that the client requires an assistive device which you don’t know how to fit or provide training in. What will you do?

5.   Sometimes clients will need to develop skills or will have needs which are outside of your skill level, knowledge level, or role. Provide an example of a need your client may have which is outside of your role. Why is it your duty of care to address the issue? How will you manage the situation? Include how you will seek assistance, which kind of professional the client may benefit from seeing, and the steps you will follow to ensure this need is addressed

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