Posted: July 21st, 2021

Weekly check in 4 | Criminal homework help

In Module 2, you learned about common fallacies, or errors in reasoning. It is important to be able to recognize fallacies in the information that is presented to you, but it is also important to recognize fallacies in your own thinking. Often, we make assumptions about ourselves and the world around without questioning those assumptions. This can become problematic when these assumptions do not serve us well. Is there something you have been telling yourself that should be evaluated more carefully?

For this weekly check-in, create an original thread in which you share a time that your own thinking has been fallacious. What fallacy did you experience? What was this like? Have you taken any steps to overcome this fallacy that you can share with the class? After sharing your own experience, reply to at least two classmates to let them them know if you have had a similar experience to them or if there is something you have learned from their post.

(If you used a fallacy from your own thinking for your module assignment, be sure to use a different example here.)

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