Posted: July 21st, 2021

English assignment | Reading homework help

There are 2 parts of this assignment.


Part 1:

Read Spring Poems Along the Rio Grande by Jimmy Santiago Baca ( Please see attachment below) 

In “A Poet’s Love” Jimmy Santiago Baca writes, “My love for the river is rooted in what’s fallen and what’s / transformed” (31).

In your 300 word (minimum) response, please identify and discuss transformations that take place in Baca’s book of poetry. Please refer to at least 3 specific poems in your response.

Please post an initial response of 300 words.


Part 2: 

 “What is Broken is What God Blesses”


Jimmy Santiago Baca chose “What is Broken is What God Blesses” to serve as the final poem in SPRING POEMS ALONG THE RIO GRANDE. In the poem Baca writes eloquently about the perfect nature of the imperfect soul. In a 300 word (minimum) response describe how Baca’s use of symbols and metaphors (and other poetic techniques) convey the idea that each of us needs to accept ourselves just as we are: perfect within all our imperfections.

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