Posted: July 21st, 2021

Business – operations management questions

Welcome to your job Interview!!! We have been looking for an Operation’s Manager for quite some time. I am glad to hear that you took the course at STU. Let me ask you a couple of scenarios to see how you would react to them.

We have eight water heaters in the building. One unit leaked and damaged the floor around it but stopped operations for a day. Cost to fix the damage:

$1,000 unit and labor

A full day of work!!!

We know that Water heaters do not tend to leak for the first three years.

You looked for records of the day of purchase of the unit that leaked and no records.

If you would have replaced it a week ago would have cost you $300 and no shutdown of operations.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO! – One paragraph answer please.

  1. Logistics

Give an example how operations management can improve Logistics and why? – One paragraph answer please.

2. Commercial

Customer has no access to finance due to bad credit. You are not able to sell the equipment, but you are able to rent him the equipment he needs for his job. Rental is an option. Customer will provide a guarantee for the monthly rental. Unfortunately, the CFO wants to sell the equipment. What can you do? One paragraph please.

3. Customer retention

How can you use our HOWs to retain customers? – One Paragraph please.

4. Product Generation

Why is understanding the market important. What does at intake to understand the market?

5. Construction

How important is to track future tasks in a Chart or schedule to forecast a project? Think of building a Bridge across a highway and briefly draw a Ghant chart detailing the events necessary to complete construction. Include estimated times. Moreover, highlight the critical path.

Congratulations! You finished your first job Interview as an Operation Manager.

Four more questions!

6. Explain the Operations Management strategy you utilize in your case and why?

7. What was the main goal of an operations manager in the 1980s?

8. Would you consider the SWOT analysis a subjective tool? Yes/no, why?

9.Give an example of Backwards path in a Gantt Chart analysis.

MUST BE IN ESSAY FORMAT. If can be done by tomorrow night, even better

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