Posted: July 20th, 2021

Unit ii assignment tbl | BSL 4060 – Team Building and Leadership | Columbia Southern University



You have been recently promoted to  lead a new division of Company XYZ. This company is known for its  team-oriented atmosphere, and your boss has raved about some of your  natural leadership qualities. Your first task is to assemble the best  team possible from the potential candidates found below. An explanation  of the skills–motivation matrix can be found on p. 39 in your textbook.  Read each description, and provide the following information in a  minimum three-page double-spaced document (not including the title and  references pages): 

  1. Classify each team member into one of the four matrix areas.
  2. Discuss the reommended action for each employee depending on his/her classification.
  3. Distinguish if your role as the leader will be a facilitator, coach, or a combination of the two.
  4. Examine which team competencies would benefit from shared leadership.

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