Posted: July 18th, 2021

Chapter 3: multiple choice questions


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Chapter 3: Multiple choice questions


Question 1

What is a research design?

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a) A way of conducting research that is not grounded in theory
b) The choice between using qualitative or quantitative methods
c) The style in which you present your research findings, e.g. a graph
d) A framework for every stage of the collection and analysis of data

Question 2
If a study is “reliable”, this means that:

a) It was conducted by a reputable researcher who can be trusted
b) The measures devised for concepts are stable on different occasions
c) The findings can be generalized to other social settings
d) The methods are stated clearly enough for the research to be replicated

Question 3

“Internal validity” refers to:

a) Whether or not there is really a causal relationship between two variables
b) Whether or not the findings are relevant to the participants’ everyday lives
c) The degree to which the researcher feels that this was a worthwhile project
d) How accurately the measurements represent underlying concepts
Question 4

Lincoln & Guba (1985) propose that an alternative criterion for evaluating qualitative research would be:

a) Impressiveness
b) Trustworthiness
c) Joyfulness
d) Messiness

Question 5

Naturalism has been defined as:

a) Viewing natural and social objects as belonging to the same realm
b) Being true to the nature of the phenomenon under investigation
c) Minimising the intrusion of artificial methods of data collection into the field
d) All of the above

Question 6

In an experimental design, the dependent variable is:

a) The one that is not manipulated and in which any changes are observed
b) The one that is manipulated in order to observe any effects on the other
c) A measure of the extent to which personal values affect research
d) An ambiguous concept whose meaning depends on how it is defined

Question 7

What is a cross-sectional design?
a) A study of one particular section of society, e.g. the middle classes
b) One that is devised when the researcher is in a bad mood
c) The collection of data from more than one case at one moment in time
d) A comparison of two or more variables over a long period of time

Question 8

Survey research is cross-sectional and therefore:
a) High in replicability but low in internal validity
b) High in internal validity but low in reliability
c) High in ecological validity but low in external validity
d) None of the above

Question 9

Panel and cohort designs differ, in that:

a) Cohort studies involve quantitative research, whereas panel studies are qualitative
b) A panel study does not need rules to handle new entrants to households
c) Only a cohort study will suffer from sample attrition
d) A panel study can distinguish between age effects and cohort effects, but a cohort design can only detect ageing effects

Question 10

Cross cultural studies are an example of:

a) Case study design
b) Comparative design
c) Experimental design
d) Longitudinal design


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