Posted: July 17th, 2021

Week 5 – discussion forum 2 | ASH101 | Ashford University


Soft skills are a combination of personality traits, habits, attitudes, and interpersonal skills that people use to work well with others, perform tasks, and navigate their environment. Employers value soft skills because it is important for employees to meaningfully interact and engage with people, tasks, and processes within their working environment.


Before attempting this discussion,


This discussion is a great opportunity to think about career readiness factors. You will explore how you can apply specific soft skills and find resources on the Career Services and Alumni Relations website that will help you attain your goals.


In your initial discussion forum post,

  • Prioritize four soft skills in the order that you think will be most important to your professional success.
  • Describe how each of the four soft skills can support you in your profession. For example, you can say, “As a business owner, effective communication will be important because my success will depend on … ”
  • Share two resources from the Career Services and Alumni Relations website, and explain how they can support you in pursuit of your career goals.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words 

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