Posted: July 17th, 2021

Transit projects | Management homework help


APA7 format for this paper. 

Keep your submissions concise, focused, and succinct. 

Page length: 3-4, including Title Page and Reference Page.

Question #1
Read about identify and then explain how one would uses the Basic Benefits Calculation formula in chapter 3 of “Transit projects: A guide for practitioners” to estimate the benefit to a motorist using I75 versus US41 from Atlanta to Chattanooga where:

The user cost per trip initially was $65 and presently is $50 per trip and the volume of trips initially was 30 trips per week to 50 trips per week currently.

Graph the demand curve and then explain the user benefits to the motorist.

Question #2
After reading the “Transit projects: A guide for practitioners” chapter 7 provide two modeling approaches and explain how they could be used in the study of transportation problems? Define and explain each approach that you have chosen.

Question #3
Define the ECR model and then identify and explain all the prerequisites for successful ECR implementation?

Question #4:
How does CPFR model complement the ECR model and provide an example of how the two could be used?

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