Posted: July 17th, 2021

Law enforcement initiatives – typology of crime reduction strategies

 Required textbook:    

Police Crime Control Strategies

By: Larry Hoover

ISBN: 9781133691624

Use APA formatting with no plagiarism.

Typology of Crime Reduction Strategies


The background for understanding and discussions of the material in the corresponding book Chapter, within the student text-book, directs attention toward strategic approaches to crime control.  Therefore, it is noted that there is no one initiative that is superior in any situation. Rather, there is an optimal approach that balances resources required against probability of repression/interdiction/apprehension. Whatever initiative is selected, it is important that the response by law enforcement leadership be contemplative, proactive, planned, monitored, and modified regularly.

Discussion Questions/Scenarios to be Addressed: 

A. You are the Zone 3 Precinct Commander of the Atlanta Police Department, located on Metropolitan Parkway, a reconverted street in SW Atlanta that has substantial new commercial development — retain stores, two college campuses, office buildings, medical facilities, adult-entertainment clubs and the likes. Thefts from cars in the parking lots of these businesses and overnight burglaries are becoming increasingly frequent.  Please identify the range of alternative enforcement activities, law enforcement initiatives, associated crime prevention tactics, and the number of personnel you would estimate as necessary to implement the intervention. Also, of the approaches, tactics, interventions, and initiatives mentioned, identify just one from the ones listed, and discuss it in detail and why it was chosen.

B. As Chief of the Detectives at the City of Decatur Police Department, you have personally enjoyed some success in obtaining valuable information by debriefing individuals after their arrest. You have heard that few of your assigned detectives do this or  even think it is worth their time to do it. Their reasoning is that it is a waste of time because everyone knows “criminals cannot be relied upon to tell the truth”, and absent other motives its just not worth the effort. So, they don’t believe that there is any actionable intelligence available from these activities. You have decided to correct this perception by making a presentation addressing your thoughts and vision at the next investigative techniques training session. Give us a chance to hear your presentation as to how you would go about developing this type information and describing how it can be used. 

REMEMBER: The student must post his/her response first and then respond to two other students on the same topic. Also, bullets are not acceptable — responses must be in correct paragraph form, grammatically correct, and properly organized and written.

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