Posted: July 16th, 2021

Malidoma some’s book of water in the spirit

Topic: Any topic (writer’s choice)

Type of paper: reflection paper

Discipline: Other : human relation

Format or citation style: APA


Consider what you’ve read in Malidoma Some’s book Of Water in the Spirit. Think about how many of his experiences are difficult (if not impossible) for the average Westerner to relate. Now consider his claim that it is our perception of reality as limited that shapes our limited experiences of reality (which incidentally is something quantum physicists have been saying for years). Think of an experience where the confines of your reality were tested, or where you had an “unbelievable” experience that shattered or at least caused you to question what you believed was possible or “real”.

You can utilize a more conversational tone in this reflection as I want you to access and recall the experience as authentically as possible.

Finally discuss what Some’s book taught you (if anything) about the western conception of reality, do you think his criticism of the Western way of approaching life has any validity?

5-6 pages.

APA or MLA format, 12 point Times or Times New Roman font, 1″ margins around page

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