Posted: July 16th, 2021

Aztec discussion response to 2 student post

Student 1  post

  1. The prominent myth represented in this textbook excerpt is the “Conquistador Myth,” or the idea that both the dominance and cultural superiority of Spaniards allowed for a swift conquering of indigenous populations. To illustrate, the text mentions how the Spanish exercised great power with their horses, firearms, cannons, and steel swords. The passage then states that these weapons offered the Spanish an overwhelming advantage over the Aztec. Yet, as discussed in this week’s lecture, Spanish weaponry such as guns were not always as effective as indigenous technology like crossbows. The depictions of the Aztec throughout the summary offer little explanation of indigenous weaponry or resistance against the conquistadors, aside from the brief mention of a revolt against Cortés. As a result, this passage concurs with the myth by implying that the Aztec were a weak, unadvanced population, dumbfounded by the Spanish might. The text does not paint the Spanish in an entirely positive light, with mention of the subsequent forced work, hunger, and diseases that colonization inflicted onto indigenous populations. However, in terms of cultural superiority, the book offers little criticism of newly introduced European political and economic ideas, suggesting they were preferable to the “oppressive” Aztec rule of the past.

Student 2 post

  1. From this weeks lecture and the reading, there are multiple myths that are showcased in explaining why the Spanish conquest of the Indigenous people occurred the way it did.  First the “conquistador myth” implies how the Europeans were set to win in the conquest because of their cultural and equipment superiority. This is the myth present in the high school textbook as the books focuses only on the Spaniards actions and their successes, not on the problems they ran into from the indigenous community fighting back. This myth is made weak in Townsends work as it is made clear how this conquest was not something that happened overnight, it took months thanks to the bravery of the native warriors who kept fighting off the Spaniards even after seeing first hand the difference in their equipment. Also, there is no mention of the successes of the complex existing nations of the natives, they are made to seem small minded and weak in order to play into the idea of European superiority. Another myth discussed is the “white god myth” which implies how  the natives saw Cortes as as their god Quetzalcoatl who was prophesied to return around this time. Townsend emphasizes how some natives themselves believed this myth because they could not come to terms with their incredibly strong and fearsome ancestors having fallen to another power without another explanation. 

Just Need to respond to both discussion reply’s minimum of 250 words on both responses 

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