Posted: July 10th, 2021

Week 2: rough draft – mandatory submission to the owl

Week 2: Rough Draft – Mandatory Submission to the OWL Sample Week 2 Rough Draft Submission Sample Week 2 Rough Draft Submission – Alternative Formats Review the Week 2 Draft Rubric HERE Review the Week 2 Draft Rubric HERE – Alternative FormatsDirectionsFormulate a rough draft of your paper using your thesis and outline from last week and your references from this week. This is a great way to review all your material and get an understanding of how your paper might look. The completed rough draft should be revised and edited as it will be  graded for grammar and content. Start with your first main topic and continue writing until you have a minimum of 5 written pages.

NOTE: This rough draft must be a minimum of 5 written pages, NOT including the title, abstract and reference page.

The more material you submit in your first rough draft, the further ahead you will be with your research project. Insure you include a title page, abstract, and your references with your draft. 

You must use the “Keiser Owl” which is the Keiser Writing Lab to have your paper reviewed for strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you send me a copy of the completed form and your paper once you have made the recommended revisions. Your rough draft is the key to success in this class!  Abstract:You have been working on your annotated bibliography this week and have reviewed a great deal of information while conducting your research.  Using your title, outline, and questions from week 1, you should be able to formulate an abstract for your paper.  This is where you tell your reader what is in your paper. An easy way to do this is to take your questions and turn them into declarative statements. There is a required size for this it should be one paragraph and it takes three sentences to make a paragraph. The length of this paragraph should be a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words.
Assignment DirectionsYou must submit your paper to the OWL prior to submitting your work here. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 20 point deduction.Please remember that the OWL takes 24-48 hours  to process your work and return it.

You must attach three files when submitting this assignment:

  1. The returned submission form from the OWL with the written feedback from the OWL
  2. The original assignment that the OWL returned with the specific feedback from the OWL on the assignment
  3. Your revised copy of the rough draft.

Please click on the above title, “Week 2: Rough Draft – Mandatory Submission to the OWL,” to enter and submit your Rough Draft. 

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