Posted: July 10th, 2021

Scholarship paper | Psychology homework help

A statement of personal history and career goals.

DEADLINE: August 5th, 2021

To be able to start the application process for this scholarship, minimally your Apply Texas application for admission into a master’s degree program must first be on file with the Graduate School. To receive full consideration for the scholarship, your application file to the master’s program must be complete; you must have filled out a scholarship application and submitted all required supporting documents for the scholarship on or before August 5th 2021 for the Fall 2021 term.

  Please tell the selection committee about your personal history as it relates to your motivation and

 opportunities for obtaining a graduate degree. Please provide a description of your career goals and aspirations

 and the role that a graduate degree will play in achieving your goals. Include your reason for choosing UNT

 Dallas to help you achieve these goals. Essay must be two pages in length, double-spaced, with a cover page

 included. Essay must be written in APA format

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