Posted: July 9th, 2021

Transformational business | Marketing homework help


Think of a transformational new business such as Starbucks, Netflix, Blue Apron, or Amazon (please note that these are only examples–you may choose one of these or another business that you see as transformational).  Please use a different business from those used for other discussion questions and cases. Answer the following questions for the business you select:

  1. How is the business different from what came before?  What was similar to what came before?  
  2. Was there an innovator advantage?  Explain your answer.  If there was an innovator advantage, how long did it last?
  3. Evaluate the level of competition in that particular industry today (this should be related to the 2nd part of the previous question).   
  4. As competition increases, these transformational businesses must continue to adapt.  What specific recommendation do you have for your selected company to keep it competitive? 

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