Posted: July 9th, 2021

Hmnt 3001c | HMNT 3001C – Modern Popular Culture | Walden University


Final Project Milestone 4: Change

This week’s Milestone asks you to select one more popular culture artifact. Refer to your Final Project Worksheet and Final Project Overview documents from Week 1. Remember that there should be no more than two artifacts from the same category with three overall.

The categories are:

· Film

· Episodic moving image (TV shows—may be broadcast or streamed)

· Music

· Music videos

· Fashion

· Advertising

· Animation (general animation/cartoons such as Disney or Warner Brothers or genre-specific animation such as Japanese anime)

· Food

· Printed material (books, magazines, manga, comic books, or graphic novels)

To prepare:

· Choose a new popular culture artifact, your third, to include in your Final Project analysis. This element should be current (within the last 5 years) and relate to the issue you have chosen.

· Consider how this new popular culture artifact defines or disrupts “normal.”

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