Posted: July 2nd, 2021

Project aapollo essay#3 | English homework help


Upload at least 3 full and MLA-formatted essay pages, including a Works Cited page at the end (with at least 3 articles found through MDC’s Online Library databases) and no more than 20% similarity with outside sources, before 11:59PM.

Write a cause-and-effect essay discussing a historical event. Be sure to focus on either the cause(s) or the effect(s) of the event. Also, try to focus your paper on a specific event. For example, instead of writing about the Second World War, you should focus on a moment in that war, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor. Remember to be specific and detailed in your writing. Some things you might want to think about:

  • What was the causal chain that led to the event?
  • What were the ramifications of the event?
  • How is the world different because of it?


  • Students will practice different types of invention strategies.
  • Students will appeal to the emotions of their audience in their own essays.
  • Students will write effective introductions.
  • Students will experiment with analytical skills.
  • Students will practice cause and effect.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The most important thing is that you fully use your analytical skills in using the appropriate rhetorical structure.
  • I will be looking to see how well you appeal to your audience, as well as how well you stress the logical and emotional aspects of your association with the person/place. I will also be looking for the use of opening and concluding strategies.
  • The style will be formal, and I want to see how well you can utilize the conventions of Standard American English.
  • I will be looking to see how well you incorporate cause and effect into your essay.
  • I will focus on the quality of your introduction.
  • I am not looking for grammatical perfection, but the essay must be readable and free of mechanical errors that distract your reader.

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