Posted: July 1st, 2021

Continued project | Criminal homework help

For this assignment I only need complete pages of facts and a conclusion.

***Please ensure that there are 3 or more pages of facts in the discussion for EACH factor.  Please include no less than a page for the conclusion.***

I have attached the continued project assignment to add content. Thank you! Please ensure to use color-codes

Conclusion- Now that you have shown how you reasoned through the problem, state a conclusion. The

conclusion is nothing more than a brief statement of the best possible solution or solutions

which you have described in detail in the Discussion section. You do not need to continue

the discussion. You should not introduce new material in this section. Example: “Although

new jails could be constructed to house more inmates, a new program of com

munity custody for first offenders convicted of nonviolent crimes would prove more cost-effective.”

The Conclusion does count in the total number of pages required.  The Conclusion

should be only one (1) complete page.


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