Posted: July 1st, 2021

Chemistry homework needed | Chemistry homework help

THis homework contains 2 parts: 

Week Four Video Assignment: Problem Gas Solving: Gas, Stoichiometry and Neutralization

.Solve the problem on a piece of paper, chalkboard or dry eraser  first,  then film yourself explaining how you have done it. The video can show just the working area, and record your voice for the explanations. Be sure you:

  • Describe the process you follow with detail.
  • Your handwriting is clear and readable
  • you indicate what is the solution to the exercise once you are done

The goal of the assignment is to demonstrate you understand the concept of Lewis and resonance structures.YOUR PROBLEM:During a lab experiment performed at STP conditions, you prepare HCl by reacting 100. ml of Cl2 gas with an excess of H2 gas.How many ml of a solution of Ba(OH)2 0.230M do you need to neutralize all the HCl produced?

Discussion post and 2 responses for the week. 

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