Posted: July 1st, 2021

Add to and fix literature review

I need to add to the literature review and fix some mistake on the last one. I will be attaching all documents necessary for this assignment. I am providing the word document with what was already written and an outline.

The annotated file highlights where you need to look to find the mistakes 

I am providing all articles necessary for the assignment add and take off what thing belongs and doesn’t in the paper. 

Feedback from the professor on old paper: This literature review is missing ALL of the background knowledge there is to have about token systems.  You made it seem as if this was something invented just a few years ago, when there is literature going back to the 50’s and 60’s laying down the foundations of how tokens are conditioned and how they have been used to increase and decrease specific behaviors.   You need to take a step backward and gather more information about how token economies work, why they work and how they have been effectively used across time.  I am not sure you have a clear understanding of this based on this review.   The innovative part of your study is in including the perseverative interests of clients –  but you did not define what that means or why you would include that.  You also use different terms (interest-based, etc.) which makes it unclear if that is the same thing or something else.    Finally, you have a lot of grammatical errors and would benefit greatly from visiting the writing center.  Many of your sentences are hard to read and sometimes you seem to be using “big” words incorrectly.  It does not make you sound smarter to use jargon incorrectly.  Instead, focus on speaking clearly and simply about your topic.

And grading rubicons will be provided 

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