Posted: July 1st, 2021

A study on how gender differences determine online shopping attitude


Research Project Final Report

Submission deadline:  25 APR 2021

Research Title: A Study on How Gender Differences Determine Online Shopping Attitude and Behaviour in Hong Kong.

² I have selected a core academic article which is based on this topic, please read it and use it as a reference and literature review.
Selected core article: Gender effects on Internet, catalogue and store shopping: ///Users/kayileung/Downloads/Alreck-Settle2002_Article_GenderEffectsOnInternetCatalog.pdf 

² The journal article offering a clear conceptual framework, hypotheses, literature review and the source of questionnaire as well as it is in line with research areas. 

² The report should showcase your understanding of the business research process, ranging from formulating appropriate research, questions, objectives, designing proper research approach and method(s), to adopting a suitable data analysis. 

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