Posted: June 29th, 2021

Week 6 discussion | Ethics | Berkeley College of New York

During WW II, the Polish resistance obtained the German encoding machine called enigma. The machine was brought to England. The British broke the code machine just before an attack on the British city of Coventry. Churchill, the Prime Minister, faced a dilemma – tell Coventry about the forth-coming attack and save those people  but the Germans would know that the British broke the code. The Germans would change it and London could be attacked killing even more people. OR not tell Coventry and protect London and other places.

What would you advise Churchill to do?

Would you tell him to lie about whether he knew?



Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.

Three postings are the required minimum.

  • 1 main response: 250 words minimum for the post addressing the questions given for the week.  Note that all students are required to return to their main thread and address questions asked or comments made by at least one other person on your main thread.
  • 2 reply postings with 100 words minimum.  One of these reply postings must be asking a content related question on another student’s posting.  Another reply post must include a content question on another student’s main thread.

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