Posted: June 29th, 2021

Romantic era | English homework help



Following the forum guidelines,

  • ¶1: Briefly summarize the Romantic era, interpreting what was happening in society and music.
  • ¶2: Analyzing the techniques & innovations, consider more recent music (written in the last century) and how the influence of the Romantic era’s innovation/music elements can be found in modern music (techniques still used today). Your two examples should highlight different innovations/elements that connect to the Romantic era (i.e. expressing deep emotion & passion in a “miniature” piece, song cycles, program music, story songs) based on what was emphasized in class. 
  • Music sample: Embed your music samples so your audience can listen to it while we read your analysis.
    • Do NOT paste a link; Do NOT attach a file! EMBED your files!
    • Include a cue/time stamp so the listener knows exactly where to hear what you are talking about in the music. 
    • To avoid ads or videos that suddenly vanish, download video clip ( FREE!) to your computer, then embed in the discussion post.

In the subject line, include the connecting song title or artist/composer name & your name in parenthesis:

  • “Rumor Has It”, Adele/”Raiders of the Lost Ark” Soundtrack (Gernhart)



Possible Connections, Examples


Artistic freedom, Self-expression; the “Art Song” – 3 min. vocal song that expresses one strong emotion or tells a great story

Choose a song that’s effective in telling a story &/or evokes a strong emotion. Include the emotion being conveyed or a concise synopsis of story, and what music elements make this is so effective (how the music elements support the lyric); find an example of orchestral music that is helping to tell a story, or move a story along (good sources: movie, TV, game). 


  • Romantic: Adele expresses regret and heartache in “Rumor Has It”; explain how the music backs up the strong emotion. Each character has a musical theme associated with them in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” by John Williams that help tell the story. We know the hero is coming even if we don’t see him on-screen yet because we hear his theme.

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