Posted: June 23rd, 2021

Voltaire – the greatest figure of the enlightenment

 Your textbook has clearly cited one man in particular as the  greatest figure of the Enlightenment.  Do you agree with the text (why or why not).  If not, who do you think should have the title as “The Greatest Figure of the Enlightenment”?   I selected Voltaire. 

 The response must be at least a solid paragraph (5-6 sentences minimum.  

The response must be 3 sentences to the reply below. 

While I think its hard to point to any single person as the “Greatest Figure”, I do agree what Voltaire arguably had the biggest impact. The seemingly biggest enlightenment trigger is the ability to look at something and ask the question “Why?” We saw this during the Scientific Revolution, and during the Enlightenment, Writers and Philosophers like Voltaire were able to apply that question to life in general. The questions allowed exploration into things like religion and its control over aspects of peoples life. I think its also important to note that this exploration was not against religion or God, as he championed deism.

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