Posted: June 23rd, 2021

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Congratulations! Based on all of the evidence that you have provided to your supervisor, she has agreed with your request for a change related to a patient care issue.

Because you initiated this change, your supervisor requested that you give the presentation regarding this upcoming change. Prepare either a patient- or staff-oriented presentation that explains why you and your supervisor felt the change was necessary. You need to present the issue, the need for change, and much of the key evidence that you found to support the planned change.

Complete the following:

  • Develop a simple patient- or staff-oriented presentation of 12–15 slides.
  • Include all of the following slide headings:
    • Clinical Issue
    • Implications of Noncompliance
    • Evidence (5 current [within the past 5 years] scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, with 1 slide for each article)
    • Patient Guidelines or Nursing Practice Guidelines (depending on the patient care issue)
    • Benefits of Following the Guidelines
    • Summary
    • References
  • Some guidelines include the following:
    • Include approximately 3 graphics (more than this could make uploading the presentation to the classroom difficult).
    • Use bullets rather than paragraph narratives.

The submission should be a PowerPoint presentation of 12–15 slides, following the APA Expectations document for the College of Nursing.

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