Posted: June 23rd, 2021

Corrections & rehabilitation | Criminal homework help

Prepare and deliver a professional presentation based on the research paper you have been working on all session. Your presentation must be a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides, excluding the cover and reference slides (with presenter notes on each slide).

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Your supervisor was impressed with your research and has asked you to create a presentation to share what you learned with the department. There will be no oral presentation, so it is important that you provide sufficient detail in the presenter notes on each slide.

Feedback to help with this asignment 

This is a good “edited” draft to your identified problem, which is worth investigating at a research level. Now you will now take this IP3 research paper and you will do two things with it:

FIRST: Create an IP4 PowerPoint with the information you have developed in your IP3 paper.

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SECOND:  Transform your IP3 draft into your final IP5 paper. The annotated bibliography in your IP3 paper must be transformed or changed into a “literature review” in your IP5 paper.  Here is everything you need to know to successfully submit your final IP5 research proposal:

Below are administrative recommendations that should be applied to your final IP5 paper. Keep up the good work.

The high similarity index (Turnitin score) is authorized to be high because the student is reusing or repurposing their own work. (0 point deduction).

TITLE PAGE: The title and name on the cover page should be perfectly centered. Microsoft Word has a specific button that you can push that will automatically do it for you. Please visit for instructions on how to do this. (1/2 point).

PARAGRAPH INDENTING: Some of the paragraphs are not indented. Please always indent the very first sentence or line of all paragraphs by a half inch. If you would like to see a sample indent, then click on the following link:  (1 point).

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INDENTING:  The annotated bibliography needs to be formatted or indented in a specific way. It has minor errors. You can see samples at this website: (2 points).

REPEAT MISTAKES: Mistakes that have been previously identified are still being made.  Once a mistake has been identified, then please do not continue making the same mistake in subsequent papers. Please do not repeat the same mistakes. (3 points).

HANGING INDENTS: The references on the reference page should be formatted with “hanging indents.” The first line of a reference should not be indented, but the second and subsequent lines should be. It’s called a “hanging indent.” If you would like to see a sample hanging indent, then please click on this link and scroll down to page 3:  (1 point).

General Comments: This assignment is supposed to produce an edited rough draft of the body of a proposed research paper. It should present a clear focus on the problems – and provide a tentative solution(s). The references should be scholarly sources to support ideas that are presented. It should present an introduction to the problem (a thesis statement), a hypothesis, research questions, an annotated bibliography and a consideration of ethical issues, as they relate to an Institutional Review Board (IRB).  

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