Posted: June 17th, 2021

Pas 1000 | Social Science homework help

Will doent have to read the textbooks. For his classes to pass his classes. If he just attends, listens,and takes notes, then he can usually do well on the exams. He believes that it is not neccessary, nor efficient,to read “boring” books when he get by otherwise. What advice do you have for him?

2)  Brian is takingban online class and doesn’t think he really needs a note- taking strategy to get by everything is already accessible to him. He has recording lecture to watch ( 3 a week) , assigned readings. Web site explorations( finding web  sites that relate to the weeks topic), and notes the professor provides. He needs to prepare for an upcoming test and is not sure where to start. What advice can you give him about note- taking  that will help him to prepare for class?

 This are 2 seperate question. It must be 2 seperate anwser.

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