Posted: June 17th, 2021

Nat130_190 foundation of living w5 | NAT130_190 Foundations of Healthy Living


As you continue your reflective journal, this week you discuss your eating habits, weight-loss program readiness, and physical fitness. Each week you will submit your reflective journal for instructor feedback, make the corrections or updates and submit all the previous weeks’ journal entries.

Activity Instructions

Complete the sections, Assess Yourself on the following pages of the textbook:

  • How Mindful and Healthy Are Your Eating Habits?, on pp. 296-297.
  • Are You Ready to Start a Weight-Loss Program?, on pp. 320-322.
  • How Physically Fit Are You?, on pp. 359-360.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Total your scores and analyze your results.
  2. Based on your results, reflect on your eating habits, weight-loss program readiness, and physical fitness and answer the following questions:
    • This week, spend some time in the produce section of the supermarket. Purchase your favorite fruits and vegetables, and try something new to expand your tastes. What did you try? Were you able to persuade a family member to try it? How can you incorporate new healthy foods into your diet? Describe some of your healthy or unhealthy eating patterns. How does your attitude towards food or food choices influence those around you?
    • In terms of weight loss, do you feel you need to lose weight? Why or why not? Reflecting on your food choices for the week, what could you do to reduce the two of your most unhealthy food eating habits?
    • In terms of your physical fitness, experiment with taking an activity break. Spend 5 to 10 minutes between household or work projects to do some type of activity, such as abdominal crunches, push-ups, or yoga pose. How did this work for you? If you are already physically active, try the same process with someone you know who lives a sedentary lifestyle and reflect on the opportunity of helping others to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Note: If you find yourself healthy and there is no need for you to start a weight-loss or physical activity program, use the lab assessments at the end of each chapter to help a family member or a friend to find out if they are ready to do so. Make sure you reflect on the experience of helping others to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, if you do not have access to the equipment to perform a sit and reach test as you complete the How Physically Fit Are You lab, feel free to report your personal feelings regarding your flexibility.

Writing and Submission Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 additional pages in length, not including title, references page (if necessary), and previous weeks’ journal entries.

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