Posted: June 17th, 2021

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Topic: Severe Winter Weather in Texas Will Impact Many Supply Chains beyond Chips

The harsh weather in Texas, mainly during winter, has that there is an electrical crisis, and this has exacerbated the supply chain in many industries. It has been a very hit, especially to the auto industry, facing other issues such as semi-conductors shortage. The geographic locations had a lot of intermodal freight, and this passed through Texas, and in most cases, it would impact other sectors as well. 

Texas storms’ economic impact could reportedly approach $50 billion

Winter weather can bring economic impact to go very low. It is therefore essential that there should time to put all those numbers in perspective and making sure that they have covered those impacts, especially which has happened in the entire year of 2020.

Essay requirements: 

Taking a national issue/news topic and write an article that makes it relevant to a local audience

As with every assignment, the topic you focus on here should be newsworthy and include the following:

500-700 words

A clear angle

An engaging lead

Distinct structure (Inverted pyramid; ideas flow logically from one to the next)

AP style

At least 2-3 clearly attributed sources (could be any combo of interviews, legitimate internet/database resources, official documents, studies, etc., but must be AT LEAST one interview)

The assignment will be graded based on the criteria above as well as your overall voice, tone and writing style.

Essay explantation: 

Hi there! As we’ve discussed in class, localization is taking a national or global story and narrowing it through the lens of your own community — showing your local audience why the story has relevance where you live. 

it could be how a national debate about remote vs. in-person school is playing out in your area or how a national election is having an effect on your town. During national protests over police brutality in the US last year summer, many local outlets covered protests/movements in their own areas or police reforms their local police departments were considering.

Community which I choose is I live in Denver, Denver’s local audience.

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