Posted: June 17th, 2021

Discussion: what influences personality development?

 Personality is the scientific study of how and why people are the way they are and provides an explanation for an individual’s feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and motivations. This week, you explore factors that could influence personality development, the role of research in defining personality, and how this relates to the development of theories of personality.  


  • Consider the many factors that could influence personality development.

 Post which factor(s) that influence personality have the greatest impact and which factor(s) have a lesser impact on how human personality develops. 

 Required Reading

Cervone, D., & Pervin, L. A. (2019). Personality: Theory and research (14th ed.). Wiley.

  • Chapter 1, “Personality Theory: From Everyday Observations to Systematic Theories” (pp. 1–26)

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