Posted: June 17th, 2021

Case study for a strategic management class

Who wants to take the homework should have experience for the strategic management class because you have to answer as the strategic.

you have read the 2 pdf then make those points 


1 – Brief history

2 – Summary



The 1ans 2 points above should be write information about the competition with other companies , the company competitive,  financial, growth


3- main issue

4- response the question in the case if it has

5- recommendation for the company as well as  your reasons I made

6- how is the company positioned for the future ? for example, the competition with other companies, financial, growth


The point 6 b above should be at least one page with impressive information


– your opinion about  the company strategy, also what the company should do for winning the competitive.




it should be more than 3 pages and include all the references, also, as I mention all the answer should be related to the class.



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