Posted: June 16th, 2021

Rogerian argument essays | English homework help

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Essay 1 Instructions

Essay 1 should be a Rogerian argument. Make a clear claim on a substantial topic of your choice and support the claim as best you can. Use a reasonable tone while making your argument. Emphasize agreement and finding common ground. 

After introducing your topic, use a paragraph or more to show that you hear and understand the opposing view, with at least one good direct quotation of such a view, from a good source.  Make the quotation substantial enough to be satisfactory: more than just a few words.

Then, proceed to respectfully disagree with that view and express your own view (claim), supporting your claim with one or more good quotations.

You can use several different supports for your claim to give it added strength, for example: “Global warming is real, because 1) water levels are rising; 2) air temperatures are rising; 3) experts agree;” each with its own supporting quotation.

Conclude the essay by finding common ground with your audience and ending on a positive note.

The essay should be 5-6 pages long, typed in MLA format.


There is no mathematical formula for converting your essay into a percentage. But the strength of the argument itself accounts for around 80-85% of the grade, with the rest of the grade comprised of form and style points, including the essay length requirement and MLA formatting. Here are some general criteria for grading:

–The claim is well supported: 1) with good quotation(s), 2) perhaps with more than one support.

–The opposing view is stated in a good direct quotation.

–The opposing view is satisfactorily answered. 

–The opposing audience is not insulted, called ignorant or blind, or accused of “failing to see.” 

–The essay effectively concludes by finding common ground. (See below.)

–The essay is typed in MLA format and the Works Cited page is in order.

–The essay meets the minimum page requirement.

–Quotations and citations are all in order.

** Problems with plagiarism, citations, or incorrect sources may result in a grade of 60% or 0%. **

Finding Common Ground

Finding common ground is an important conclusion to this essay. You can usually find common ground by looking at the warrants of your argument and the opposing argument. It’s like tracing backwards in a family tree, a family tree of beliefs. Once you trace back far enough, you can unite with opponents on some level of belief. Following are some brief examples. (Your essay should make this gesture in a concluding paragraph, not just in one sentence):

“Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we can all agree that a healthy environment is essential to our existence, and . . . “

“Whether or not you support more gun control, we can all agree that we don’t want one more innocent person to die by a gun. . . .”

“Whether you believe in abortion or not, we can all agree that children need good parents and loving, stable homes. . . .”

“Whatever your opinion, we can all agree that this great country of ours. . . .”

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