Posted: June 15th, 2021

Week 9 learning lab comment


Discuss with a supervisor, co-worker or someone you know about the importance of controls within your organization. Determine the nature of the control measures used within your organization. Report your findings.

Respond to the comment not question


The importance of control in an organization is based on many different aspects. For Example, when speaking to a friend of mines who works for Walmart as a department manager. She stated, that “she is in control of making sure her department has everything it needs before inspection, or if something is out of place it has been put back into place for customers to be able too to find certain items”.Also keeping track of inventory and making sure everything is counted for because when her manager comes over she has to have how many items were sold, returns, and a lot of other stuff she didn’t go into details about. Another thing she has to do is make sure she schedules people for work and makes sure she has enough people for that day but due to COVID, it has been frustrating for her because many people have been getting sick. 

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