Posted: June 15th, 2021

Research paper topic and annotated bibliography “foreign criminal


Research Paper Topic and Annotated Bibliography

In Unit VII, you will complete a research paper on a foreign criminal justice system of your choice, and you will familiarize yourself with its law enforcement, court system, and corrections practices. This assignment will include two parts, but both parts will be submitted together in a single document. In preparation for the research paper, complete both parts as stated below.

Part I: Research Paper Topic

For this part of the assignment, you will identify one foreign criminal justice system as the topic for your research paper. Explain why you chose this topic, and make certain to include the information below.

  • Explain the concept of comparative criminal justice.
  • Identify how a foreign criminal justice system follows the concept of comparative criminal justice.
  • How does this foreign criminal justice system compare to that of the United States?

This part must be at least two pages in length.

Part II: Annotated Bibliography

For this part of the assignment, provide four scholarly resources that support your topic which will be used as the basis for developing your research paper. Under each reference, summarize the source and how it is applicable to your research topic on a foreign criminal justice system. 

Part II should be at least one page in length.

See examples of annotated bibliography here: 

 Your completed project must be at least three pages in length. Follow APA Style when constructing this assignment. 

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