Posted: June 15th, 2021

Hrm635 week 3 discussion | HRM635DLS2P2021 Training, Development and Evaluation | Park University


Unit 3: Discussion

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The purpose of unit discussion is to have an open dialogue that helps to expand your understanding of the course material as well as demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. While less formal than unit assignments, your posts should be supported with scholarly research. Participation throughout the assigned unit is encouraged so that you can participate in the give and take of a natural dialogue.

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • ULO 3.1 Develop a training needs analysis including task analysis, personal analysis, organization analysis.
  • ULO 3.2 Evaluate the different methods and sources for performing a needs analysis.
  • ULO 3.3 Evaluate how to determine the content of a training program.
  • ULO 3.4 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.


Initial Post

Conduct scholarly research to provide a detailed response to one of the questions listed below. Provide a minimum of two (2) thoughtful, peer replies made by your classmates or the instructor. Review rubric for expectations.

 Analyze the reasons why organizations do no always conduct a needs analysis and what a trainer might do to overcome needs analysis obstacles. Assess the pros/cons of designing and implementing a training program without conducting a needs analysis? 

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