Posted: June 15th, 2021

Due tomorrow….. please read first….

this assignment is due tomorrow….. must have done on time….. 

Watch the following video: 

Do the following based on the video and use the attachment 

Response to a Children’s BookLet’s Talk About Race, by Julius LesterDirections: Please type your responses to the following questions.

1.    What is your initial reaction to this book? What feelings did it stir up in you? 

2.    What parts did you agree with? Disagree with?  

3.    Were there any parts that were difficult to understand? Please be specific.

4.    How could a book like this be used with children to address the topic of diversity, more specifically, the concept that words can hurt? 

5.    In what situations would you consider reading it?  

6.    What activities could you do with the children before, during, and after the reading of the book to explore these concepts further?

7.    How does the content of the book relate to the characteristics of children’s development as described in Chapter 2 powerpoint attacment,  Be specific in  naming  the  characteristics  and  the  specific  parts  of  the  powerpoint they  relate  to and the number of the powerpoint slide. 


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